Public Sewer Services signs license agreement to become first licensed partner for Wavin Compact Pipe®System

We are pleased to announce that we have just signed to become the first UK licensed partner for the Wavin Compact Pipe® System.


In cases where the new installation of pipelines and sewers in cut-and-cover technique is difficult due to a high volume of traffic or expensive building projects, the Compact Pipe® system of Wavin has proven to be successful. That’s what the English company PSS – Public Sewer Services also knows.
Therefore, the representatives of both companies, Michael Schuster, managing director of Wavin GmbH, and Lee Freeman, managing director of PSS, directly signed a licence contract at the IFAT 2018 in Munich.

Since more than 25 years the specialist is offering pipeline rehabilitation systems all over England. Innovative no-dig technologies like CIPP and HDD technique are being used within this company. In 2017 PSS was admitted into the London Stock Exchange Group of the “Top 1000 companies to inspire Britain”. Therefore, at Wavin the licence contract is being seen as the step in the right direction for a further advance in the English market.

Compact Pipe® can be installed into different existing pipelines – no matter whether gas-, water- or sewer pipelines are concerned. In this way a new, full-featured PE-pipe develops in the existing pipeline. It only takes one work day to install a length of 90 m (DN 500) up to 600 m (DN 100) of the PE-system.
On a global scale more than 2 million metres have been installed in a trenchless way and taken into operation.

Pictured above (Johannes Spykman – Wavin Manager Intercompany & Export, Michael Schuster – Managing Director Wavin GmbH, Ralf Glanert – Wavin Account Management, Lee Freeman – Managing Director PSS, Angie Gawthorn – PSS Finance Director and Joanne Theobald – PSS Performance & Strategic Planning are looking forward to a successful co-operation.)
Picture: Wavin GmbH, Twist