Primus Line®


We are authorised UK installers for Primus Line®, from Rädlinger Group. Primus Line® is flexible technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines, including water, gas and oil.

According to Primus, "the flexible system for trenchless pipe rehabilitation has proven itself in numerous projects across the world. and has already demonstrated it's many benefits in the most wide-ranging fields of application.

Advantages of Primus Line®

  • Save time and money

    Installation speeds of up to 10 metres per minute • Up to 2,500 metres per pull • Quick re-commissioning for minimal time of service interruption • Low pre-investment for installers

  • Simplify the engineering process!

    Installation through multiple bends of up to 45° • Withstands thermal expansion of the host pipe and seismic movement • Fully flexible seamlessly woven Kevlar® fabric

  • Protect the environment and the neighbourhood

    Minor installation footprint • Small pits and reduction of road work • Reduced use of machinery • Decreased impact on traffic • Minimal disturbance of daily life around

  • Increase your pressure rates

    Burst pressure rates up to 206 bar • Operating pressure up to 82 bar • Independent of host pipe

  • Extend the service life

    100% quality control during the manufacturing process and before shipping • No curing, steaming or adhesion process • Independent of weather conditions during installation • 50+-year lifetime

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