General Manager

Steve Chambers

Steve Chambers started out in the industry over 25 years ago. By the age of 19 he was managing his own gang and supervising sites and staff. Following that he worked for Balfour Beatty for 5 years as a drainage foreman.

Steve has been with the Company for 10 years, initially joining as a Ganger. After repeatedly attaining Ganger of the month by constantly demonstrating team leadership, outstanding works
performance and excellent organisational skills, he was promoted to the position of Deputy Contracts Manager and subsequently to the position of General Manager.

The knowledge and experience acquired from working on the tools has proven essential in the effective management of health and safety on site. He has the ability to organise and prioritise work schedules whilst working in a high pressured and reactive environment. His excellent time management skills have proven a fundamental requirement to the role. He is creative in problem solving and has challenged and changed the scheduling and organisation of the work tasks.