Performance and Strategic Planning Director

Joanne Theobald

Joanne Theobald joined the Company in 2011, after 23 years service at Barclays. As Barclays Area Director (Essex) she was responsible for the Investment Sales, Quality of Advice and Customer Satisfaction performance of over two hundred members of staff. During her career she has developed extensive management and leadership skills that have been readily transferred to the Water Industry.

On joining the Company she immediately identified the opportunity to improve the staff resourcing by implementing a recruitment program creating a list of right people to replace underperformers and grow the capabilities of the business. She also introduced structured staff appraisals with more emphasis on the Company Goals, communicating how their achievement benefits the Company, AWS and the ultimately the Customer.

To increase team’s engagement, she initiated in-house awards for “Gang of the month” & “Going the extra mile”. This has made a positive impact on the team’s motivation and working attitudes, evidenced from our customer feedback reports and feedback from AW colleagues.

Having operated in the highly regulated and performance targeted retail-banking sector, she brings a fresh way of looking at problems & solutions. An example of this different approach is the initiative to amend the customer service feedback forms to re-order the Very Satisfied (5) option, to the first option and Very Dissatisfied (1) to the last option realigning the emphasis of the question and help improve the “Very Satisfied” scores. These changes were implemented throughout the Anglian Water local delivery partners.

Always striving for excellence and seeking continuous improvements, she has a proactive approach and forward thinking to consistently be one-step ahead. An example being introducing weather forecasting technology to plan resource mobilization for extreme weather events and thereby ensuring a consistently high level of performance in all eventualities protecting the Anglian Water’s Service Incentive Measure score.