Financial Director

Angie Gawthorn

Angela Gawthorn joined the Company over 20 years ago. She has been with the Company from its establishment, which has placed her in a unique position understanding the whole business from
commercial and financial management through to operations.

She is highly analytical with a demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving and streamlining complex work processes. She implemented an internal job identification number system, which enables full project details to be updated across all platforms for each and every job. She is goal driven with the ability to take charge, manage and deliver, bringing projects to an efficient, timely and cost effective conclusion for our clients. A recent example was when PSS were asked at 4pm on a Friday to help with just under 200 emergency blockages and clean ups. Her ability to organize resources and being able to record and track the works within the established internal job identification system enabled the client to be updated on each and every job throughout the job life cycle. All works were completed within 48 hours, showing that with excellent management, the right systems and processes and the right team to deliver the works, 100% customer satisfaction was achieved.

Values and loyalty are of paramount importance to her and this is reflected in her management style and her commitment to the growth of the company. Her colleagues respect her knowledge and understanding of all areas of the business. She leads by example and her passion for hard work and her flexibility has been embedded throughout the business.

She has built strong relationships with the company’s clients and the supply chain, demonstrating a proactive and flexible approach in ensuring that our client’s needs are achieved. By effectively managing, encouraging and guiding the dedicated team behind her, she enables works to be carried out efficiently and produces optimum results.